Eye-catching design, simple navigation

We wanted our new website to be as pleasing and as functional as a good piece of retail design. With few pages and simple navigation, it guides you to what you want in a couple of clicks. Ultimately the site should make you do what you want your customers to do: reach out and grab. In your case, the phone.

Our 3-D work doesn’t easily translate to a flat screen, so we’ve layered and scrolled the images to give a sense of depth and movement. On the left, there’s a nod to our sculptural heritage; on the right, elements of our most recent work. Between them you’ll find the stories behind the work.

Since no two in-store projects are ever the same, we’re more interested in the processes that achieve a successful result, than the final execution. If you recognise challenges here that you face in your business, we’d love to hear about them. Are there things that you would have done differently – or maybe projects that you wouldn’t have known how to start?

Reach for the phone and you could find the conversation as inspiring as our work. Tel 01858 433322