Effortless installation

Complete refurbishment of acoustic room guitar studioBecause we do all the groundwork long before we put your project into production, installation is quick and trouble-free. We’ll know that the materials fit the allocated space, and we’ll have sorted out all the relevant retailer and regulatory approvals. When we install, everything is compliant and ready for the first eager customer of the day.

We can fit out an entire store or showroom, as we did for this international guitar brand, or just your unitry. We even have the necessary approvals to work airside at UK airports.

If your project is straightforward, retail staff should be able to install it themselves. We’ll make sure your materials are compliant with every relevant set of store guidelines, and we’ll despatch them with plenty of protective packaging and full instructions. We’ll do everything we can to make implementation foolproof.

 Call us now for point of sale that looks great from day one.
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