Carters Make it

Carters Make it

Very few really great retail design consultants have the capability to see the entire process through from concept to reality. With Carters the main focus is always the design, but our experience in display creation means that we can be both imaginative and realistic - we not only dream it, we make it!

Technical development

- blending practicality with beauty

The key to the success of a Carters’ design is an understanding of the real possibilities in working with a huge range of materials and manufacturing processes. Technical development is the essential link between fine aesthetics and the real-life practicalities of the retail environment.


- with no material limitations

We believe that dreams should not be restricted by choice of materials. Regardless of whether it is woodwork, metalwork or plastic extrusion, we can put our expert craftsmanship to excellent use and create displays where the ‘wow’ effect is not diminished by compromise.


- bringing designs ‘off the page’

The ‘proof of concept’ stage which should never be underestimated. Prototyping is where we bring substance to style. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure that products actually fit, colour schemes are visually correct, graphics integrate seamlessly and that maximum impact is achieved.


- with the confidence of experience

Our professional and highly experienced team can handle anything from an individual department to an entire store. With groundwork done, guidelines followed and approvals in hand, your ‘design to reality’ project is completed with the minimum amount of disruption.